Summer Comp is here

Hosted by the Panthers once again

summer series hockey central coast

Norah Head is proud to be hosting the Central Coast Hockey summer comp once again.

How many per side?

There are 9 players per team

How long are the games?

  • 13 minute quarters

  • 2min quarter and half time breaks.

  • 4min changeover.

When are the games?

Wednesday night

  • 6pm

  • 7pm

  • 8pm

  • 9pm

There may be Friday night games as a catchup if needed

Games are term 4
11th October - 13 December

How much does it cost?

Cost is $550 per team for intermediates and experienced teams

What is intermediate?

Mums, Dads, no younger than 11 and depending on skill, beginners.

What is experienced?

For the more serious. Remember to have fun.

Umpire abuse will result in you being allocated a game the following week. If you don’t attend or don’t umpire you won’t play until you do umpire. We can arrange a shadow for you if you like.

What about juniors?

Based on interest we'll run fun games for anyone younger than 11 that wants to play or anyone that wants to experience hockey for the first time. Beginners are most definitely welcome and encouraged to come along.

Other info

Canteen will be open

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Get excited!